a clock and some cookies

I bought a lovely (and super cheap) clock in Amsterdam, smuggled it over in my hand luggage only to find out it didn’t work! the bell rang when I turned the alarm  hand to the hour hand but it didn’t tick or anything D:

So, instead of bursting into tears and stamping my foot as I so longed to I opened up the back, where lo and behold a wire had not been soldered into place! The horror! 



it’s too pretty to give up on

Not owning a soldering iron, I stuck the wire on with blu-tac. Yes, blu-tac. Imagine my joy when the clock worked thanks to the humble substance I spend so long cleaning my keyboard with…

On a nicer note, I’ve just made sultana and oat cookies and they turned out really nicely so I thought I’d share the recipe!  

yep, I did just copy and paste this so sorry about the links.

The only tweaks I made were doubling everything but not only using 100g of oats as 160g just looked too much and I worried they’d fall to bits and I only used a tiny bit of honey and vanilla essence instead of cinnamon as the philistines I’m forced to cook for refuse to eat cinnamon. Sigh. 

I’ll post pictures of the cookies a bit later (:



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