aside Sorry for negle…

Sorry for neglecting to post yesterday BUT I started sixth form on Wednesday- WHHUUUTT?!? I know. It’s weird, as in properly properly weird. At my school all the sixth form students wear polo shirts and giggle at all the younger years wearing shirts, ties and blazers. I’ve already have a few “OOOHH SIXTH FORM”  A La Inbetweeners (who else loves that program?). Well, okay just one but it was quite exciting.

I FEEL LIKE A BUTTERFLY, I have a plan to WORK HARD this year and CAPITALISE what is IMPORTANT to me. So has anyone else gone back to school this week? Is it completely mind blowing? Did you spend ages picking out gorgeous stationery and those realise that most of it you will hardly use?

Also I feel as if I should be having a party for my third post, I am super excited about this. I wanted to post a video of Astro ‘talking’ (basically opening and closing his mouth and kind of going “ham ham ahmhhh” ) because we had a whole conversation tonight and it lasted until I tickled his neck and he fell over.


Today I made dinosaur cookies omnomnonm although I am sure my friends at who will be receiving them tomorrow will let me know that the dinosaur is not actually a brontosaurus as they were made up for film *harumph*


notice how I hid all the burnt and headless ones

ALSO OH MY GOD PATRICIA HAS A NEW LEAF! I wanted to take a picture but I’m trying really hard to only do one a week and it’s only been about two days since the first picture but she’s just growing up so fast! When her babies are born ( born? grown? I don’t know what you say with plants.) I will sprout their seeds and have a whole family. I wholeheartedly recommend butternut squash plants to those lacking direction in their life and looking for instant gratification, they are easier to clean up after than a dog and you can eat their babies without the practice being frowned upon in today’s society.

I take it back I have to show you the new leaf even though it’s sort of eleven PM and dark etc


this leaf literally appeared yesterday and today it’s just KABOOM. It looks as if she’s having a bad hair day

SO, tomorrow I will be volunteering then partying after so there will be radio silence BUT on Sunday there will be bows, a how-to sprout a butternut squash seed and possibly a Lush cocktail mmmmmmmmmmmnn a whole lot of loveliness!

LOTS OF LOVE especially to my NEW FOLLOWERS(caps locked because I love you)!!



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