Today’s recipes

Mmmhhhmhmmmm girl, today I have been C-to the OOKING. 

Today, I made (and then ate) three batches of Sweet Potato cinnamon chilli crisps. You heard me.


this is batch number three omnomn om

I am snacking on these beauties now and I can tell you that these are the single best recipe for sweet potatoes in existence. I made them with cinnamon sugar, but if you wanted them savoury you could use a little salt and just use ground cinnamon instead


  • one or two sweet potatoes (depending on how much you want to make)
  • cinnamon sugar (or ground cinnamon)
  • paprika
  • chilli flakes

first, slice the sweet potatoes. You’ll need to slice them really really really thin. The thinner they are, the crispier they will be. If you want them a little thicker that’s fine, but they’ll need a little more cooking to get to a good level of crispiness. Image

See that? Not quite thin enough for me.

So, once they’re cut to optimum thinness place them in a large baking tray. try not to let them overlap, but it’s not a huge problem as they’ll shrink before too long anyway. Image

this is batch number 1 after a few minutes in the oven

Next, sprinkle all of your spices over the slices (Poetry in making). Just do as much as you want, my family the philistines I live with hate cinnamon so I went easy on the cinnamon I ate all the crisps before they got home.

Once you’re done sprinkling put them in the oven at a fairly low heat and go and do your nails. Do check them every so often as batch number two burnt. Completely. I still ate them, but they were too crispy even for me. Or Astro. 

Once most of the water’s left them, they should be really crispy but they may still be a bit wet on the side facing the try. Turn them over if this happens and let them stay in there for a little and THEN YOU ARE READY TO EAT THOSE TASTY LITTLE DEVILS. Do it. Do it now, you won’t regret this: I promise. If you buy one sweet potato in the next year, use it for this because you will never look back. Mmmmm. I might just nip into town and buy some more sweet potatoes….


OH and Update! Mum let my borrow her camera, hence the slightly gorgeous photos (I know, modesty) and PATRICIA. New leaf on its way (I feel like a proud mum with a baby’s teeth coming through)!! Image

Her leaves are facing the sun now, and there’s a little teeny baby one coming through just at the base of the other three. I think that she will be ready for a bigger pot fairly soon so I might put her outside in the spring.


OOH UPDATE, mum just got back from work with guess what? Sweet potatoes. I am off to make more crisps. LOVE YOU ALL xxx


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