Three words struck joy into my heart yesterday: LUSH. RECRUITMENT. EVENING.

I know, why wouldn’t Lush want to hire me? (just kidding) But really, yesterday I was phoning almost every department at Lush trying to find a place for me to go for work experience and everywhere I phoned said they didn’t know and to phone everywhere else until I got to phoning HQ. *dramatic silence* this was the most nerve-wracking string of phone calls I have ever made and calling the number of the building where Lush is based was almost me wee a little bit BUT they told me to phone the stores for work experience there! 

Lush, I still love you but I think in future it would be more helpful if there was one person who could definitely tell you if work experience would be an option for you and where to call to do it. Eventually I found myself calling the Lush shop in Taunton (not my first choice of town, but it was closer to me than Lush Exeter according to the ‘Find a Store’ tool) where I was told “No sorry love we don’t do that, bye!” and thought to myself “Humph”

Next I called Lush Exeter where I spoke to Nick who told me that due to the amount of training required before they let people work in the shop they don’t take work experience students (which was fine by me as at this point I knew I wasn’t going to get a placement). I asked about Christmas temporary work, which I had been planning to apply for anyway and had my cover letter and CV printed out ready to send, and he told me they had a recruitment evening THAT NIGHT. As in in seven hours time from then. In Exeter (an hours drive away)

Clearly, the fates want me to do Christmas Temp work at Lush. 

I went to the evening and it was AMAZING! Best job interview ever, it was so relaxed we all got to know each other and we all used the products so we were comfortable talking about our favourite when we went downstairs to do the ‘interview bit’. Even if they don’t want to hire me, I had the BEST time and I am so glad I went! 

Also we ate at Wagamamas, it was my perfect way to spend an evening. If only there was a tall dark handsome man to share it with me *sigh*

Peace out!

ALSO Gosh I’m getting bad with these P.S but really guys, leave me comments yeah? If you think I’m a prattling nincompoop tell me! If you want to get in my knickers tell me! If you think we should just get married tomorrow and raise a family of baby butternut squashes PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME! 

I’m getting lonely behind this screen so leave a comment because I love you (:



  1. i’m starting to feel like a stalker here….*crickets* just kidding! your blog’s been open for a very short time only! the crowds and the adoring media will get here!
    ps. if the tall, dark stranger has an older brother/cousin/best friend, give him my number.
    pps. i once went to a Lush recruit evening. It was awful. I’m not a naturally bubbly person. Or maybe the store manager was just a flaky psycho (’cause my friend who went with me also had a horrid time). *sigh*

  2. You go girl! And no, you’re not prattling nincompoop. It’s taken me this long to work out how to comment on you blogs. I had to do it via fb as I couldn’t somehow make wordpress work

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