is anyone else worried about the youths of today? I am. It’s not often that something upsets me and really shakes me like this (apart from people who don’t want to do things for themselves because of the hassle, but I’ll get on to that another time) so when something does it means there is a PROBLEM people.

I expect twelve-fourteen year old boys and girls to be happy, having a blast at secondary school with their friends. That is completely normal.

What I don’t expect is children (it’s a demeaning word, and I’m sorry but face it. I’m still a child and if you’re indignant about me using the word to define you then,yes, you are too) getting up to frisky nonsense with each other. I know I sound about eighty now and it’ll get worse as I don’t want to use any *ehem* language. 

In my personal opinion once you get to fifteen you are going to be under pressure at school and you are going to have to do more work than you probably have since you started secondary school but until then you won’t have that pressure at all! 

My point is: make the most of being young. You will never be this young again, this is the only time in your life when you can be free of responsibilities so don’t get het up about who’s ‘doing things’ with who (please don’t be ‘doing things’ because you’ve heard other people are) or getting violent or mouthing off to your teachers or friends, it doesn’t show that you can stand up for yourself or anything else. If you make trouble at school teachers will remember. It is unprofessional and they shouldn’t do so, but they will and whether or not they actually act on their negative memories of you, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. 

Don’t worry about being born in a recession, university fees, unemployment, the national debt etcetcetc I could go on and on.. there are always tribulations facing you growing up be it spots, random growth spurts leading to unpredictable clumsiness, only being able to get a job between July and September in the itsy bitsy town you live in or indeed whatever. The grown ups made the doo-doos and but I swear to everything that things will be fixed, then broken, then fixed again because that is the way the world works.



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