I just accidentally deleted my last post in which I was complaining a little about the weather changing and how my day has been a bit rubbish (which it has) and I was about to sigh deeply and re-write everything I’d written, but then I remembered that weather like this is what I love best!

I hate sunburn and my nose peeling, I hate not being able to sleep until late because of the sun and the smell of barbecues and I hate ice cream. In short, I’m so excited for autumn! I love Halloween and dressing up (this year I am going as a zombie nurse because let’s face it: when zombies come, and they could nurses will be the first infected. But don’t worry, because; I will fight them, this girl will fight them and it won’t last long anyway), I love pumpkins, squashes, nuts, mushrooms, blackberries and almost all the lovely food in season in Autumn

I also love that my skin does not suffer one bit from any of these changes in temperature, I am built for chilliness.

I love wearing jumpers, woolly stockings NOT tights (how to for making these coming soon by the way!) and welly boots. Snuggly  pajamas in bed are another plus, seriously there is nothing comfortable about summer sleeping at all. 

But best of all is the fact that this season is……Image

SNUGGLY SOCK WEATHER! (these lovelies were a christmas pressie from my unofficial step-mum and they are fabulous!)

ALSO great is that I just ordered a LOT of stuff from Lush that I will be dedicatedly testing and posting reviews on. It’s a hard calling, but someone’s got to do it. I have ordered;

  1. Mask of Magnaminty
  2. Buffy the Backside Slayer
  3. Pop in the Bath (para mi madre)
  4. It’s Raining Men (tambien para ella)
  5. Rub Rub Rub shower scrub
  6. Aromaco deodorant
  7. two Bathos bubble Bars

And I think that’s it! I might be wrong, maybe I have forgotten something and I will open the box to find a glorious surprise from myself

I will be reviewing ALL of these. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

What do you all love most about autumn (or Lush)?



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