Lush Vanillary perfume review

Vanillary perfume. I remember the day I first sniffed thee, at Lush Exeter, and instantly I knew you were to be mine. 


this is my first tube, the label has completely warm off which is not surprising when you consider I’ve had it since I was about thirteen!

Vanillary has warm notes, and sweet notes and I think it brings out a very girly side of me. Who am I kidding, I’m girly all round. But really, it is truly delicious. I think it smells a little like cake mix. This was my signature scent for a long, long time. I wore it all day for ages and ages and ages, but I think it’s mostly more of an autumn/wintry smell on my so I stopped wearing it over the summer and switched to Lust (review soon!) but now I think it’s time to get it back out again! 



a slightly newer tube bought pre-emptively so I wouldn’t have to cry and wail when the other one ran out

First notes: the first obvious scents I get are, of course vanilla. Just hugely sweet vanilla, with not a lot else asides a slight warmth I can’t quite put my finger on (possibly the Tonka?)

later notes: after a few hours and a little friction on the wrist I notice the smell is a lot more subtle, probably due to it wearing off, and I get a slight insinuation of jasmine or ylang ylang. Very very slight, and it’s behind the vanilla. I’d like to smell this on a man

This perfume is my number one. It always has been and I think it will remain a strong favourite with me for a long time, therefore I give it a whopping great 10/10


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