Lush You Snap the Whip body butter review


You snap the whip is a lovely, fruity butter with the same scent as The Comforter and Sweetie Pie. There is lots of lovely cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil to counter balance the polishing and scrubbing effects of the pumice and charcoal. I get on really well with this scrub, I think for my skin it’s just about perfect and I love the fact that I can use it with my two favourite bath and shower products, The Comforter bubble bar and Sweetie Pie shower jelly, in either the bath or shower for head to toe layering!

This scrub is definitely a messy one. I’ll stand in the bath or shower and rub away and then look down and feel as black and white as a panda! It does rinse off very nicely though, and I’ve never had a problem with it leaving a mess although I do make sure to wash the bath out afterwards.

You Snap the Whip, hands down is the best moisturiser from Lush I’ve used. Other scrubs work better with me, but for my skin (when I’m not feeling especially scaly) this body butter strikes the perfect balance between sloughing off those little bumps on my arms and keeping me feeling silky soft throughout the day. I would like for the perfume to linger a little longer than it does. I feel that it is very very subtle after a while on the skin where I would almost like it to be a visible haze surrounding me, like pies in cartoons!

In summary, You Snap the Whip is a bit of a feisty bar that packs a punch against dead skin but I think it could do with a bit of linger power and so I give it a lofty 8/10


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