Roasted squash seeds- The Recipe.

Roasted seeds..mmmmmmmmmmmmnn


First, cut your squash in half. I used two squashes, one harlequin squash and one (i can’t remember the name I’ll insert it later when I do)

This is the lovely harlequin squash, it was yellow with orange stripes and honestly, the flesh didn’t taste great but the seeds did when the other squash’s flesh was DELICIOUS and the seeds were a bit less palatable. Huh.

Scoop out the guts into a bowl ready to clean them mwhahah


The only way I know to clean seeds is to tip them into a sieve or colander and blast them with cold water until the seeds are separated from most of the flesh. Then you can pick out the big bits, but honestly it’s not a huge problem if there are still some little bits left so don’t worry too much.

Leave them wet and lay them over a LARGE tray then salt those babies, I salt them wet rather then after they’ve cooked because then the salt grains stick to the shell and I love it. Put them into the oven and cook them until they are crispy! (It took mine maybe ten minutes at about 190C)

YUM! Then you can mix ’em up, and try to stop your family gobbling them all


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