Lush Big shampoo review

Ah Lush shampoo, everyone I’ve tried has seemed to do me so much good and Big was no exception.  Big has a lovely gloopy texture and smells so wonderful, it reminds me of laundry powder to be honest- it’s lovely. With wonderful sea-salt  crystals that I was worried would scratch my scalp but didn’t, they just left me feeling super soft and super clean. Having said that, my bleached ends were veeerrryyyy frizzy after using this, which I won’t normally get with Cynthia Sylvia, so I think really I need something more conditioning. Perhaps I’ll just use this on my roots? I’m not giving up that level of softly squeaky-cleanness.

I gave a sample of Big to a charming friend with a new hair cut, and unwittingly found myself a male perspective for this shampoo. I believe the words he used were “Are they salt granules in that shampoo? I thought it might be silica gel, but it was the BEST feeling ever!” I concede, it is the best feeling ever you will feel on your scalp.

On the other hand, this shampoo was supposed to be volumising. Volumising, it was not. I was expecting huge and gorgeous mane-like tresses when really I was left with a slightly triangular thing going on, flat roots and frizzy ends! Not a good look. I spent all day trying to get some fluff at the roots so (of course) I ended up a bit greasy! Yuck. Not impressed there! Probably, had I used volumising mousse, or blow-dried it, or set it in rollers, or backcombed it I would have seen a result,  but I really wanted to test the claim that volume would be mine so I followed my usual routine to the letter and honestly, it was volumising but in the wrong place (the ends) and for the wrong reasons (frizz, due to my damage rather than the product.). Essentially, were my ends not so damaged this probably would just have been a very deep cleaner but alas, I’m stuck with the bleach until it grows out *sigh*

I love Big. I really do , and I want to go on using it but I think this is probably just going to be a once a week deep-clean when I’ve got the time to give my ends some attention afterwards rather than an every day essential. If this shampoo lived up to it’s claims then I would have felt very differently, but as it is it fell a little flat (geddit?) and left me feeling uninspired so I give it a 6/10

*edit* if it would be helpful, I will ask my chummy walner for a few words as his hair is much less needy and temperamental than mine, so he may have something very different to say!


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