Vegan snack mix- triple trouble

I LOVE chickpeas. It may be something to do with the fact that in Italian they are called ‘Ceci’ naaawwhhh. It may also be that I love their versatility, I love that they taste great whether I boil them, whip them into hummus or roast them until crispy! Which is exactly what I did.

Yes, I did all three of those things this week. On Saturday I made some hummus for mum, and on Tuesday I made some crispy chickpea crisps which the philistines evidently loved as I came downstairs yesterday after an intense spanish deberes session to find them all eaten. I’m not sure whether to be pleased they passed the test, or angry I didn’t get to eat more of them! At least the trays got washed up.

I couldn’t seem to get a non-blurry shot of them, oh well!

what I did:   I used dried chickpeas, the kind you by in a bag from the health food section, so I first had to leave them to soak overnight (this does take a little forward planning). When they were ready the next day they need to be boiled for fifteen minutes. I tend to cook them until they taste good and have the right texture, they taste a little chickeny boiled to me.

after they are boiled and cooled you need to pre-heat your oven to 190C, bung the chickpeas on a tray and then salt them vigorously. I like to put the salt on when they’re still wet so the salt sticks to the outside of the chickpea. Put the tray in the oven and cook until* they are crispy!

here’s how they looked cooked

These are so yummy, I had to stop Tessa from eating them all hot out of the oven! I mixed these with some roasted seeds for a snack at school, triple trouble!

*It sounds lazy when I say to cook things until..etc but really my oven in a bit terrible, so what might be the right amount of time for me might burn your food to oblivion, so when I am using made up/adapted recipes I’ll always use visual ways to tell when things are done, rather than the amount of time. 



  1. I’m totally in love with roasted chickpeas. I roast mine with smoked paprika, nutritional yeast and garlic salt and I swear they taste like bacon. I add them to salads for some crouton-like crunch. Yes, I, too am killing plants daily. I have at least one dead one staring at me now.

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