Monday Resolutions

This autmun, I am beating the procrastinator out of myself. Every Monday from now on I will write down five things I intend to do, and then I will bleeding well do so!

This week I intend to:

  • Make more Crispy Chickpeas- I just love those things, and as they went down so well with the Phils’ I think they may soon become a regular in our house! I’m going to make a bigger batch this time and see how it goes
  • Write a review for Aromaco solid deodorant-I’ve been putting this off for a couple of days now, purely because I am absolutely in love with this deodorant and for me to write down any bad points (I can only think of one or two) would be for me to admit it isn’t perfect
  • collect some pretty leaves- I’ve seen a few nice ones on my way home from school and I always want to do something with them, I have decided now is the right time with our French exchange student coming on Wednesday
  • Drink at least two green vegetable ‘juices’- I’ve had one for today with chard and apple (not 100% vegetable I know) as since I’ve cut out dairy I know I DEFINITELY need the calcium!
  • Do a couple of outfit posts- when I don’t feel I have anything to get dressed for I am perfectly happy to slouch around in pyjamas, which bit me on the botty yesterday when someone came round to tell me something at five PM and I was still wearing what I wore to bed! Embarrassing…
  • *NUMBER SIX* this might be a challenge, but to take more photos! Frankly I am lazy with pictures, only taking the bare minimum to get my point across and with being at school all day then working in the evening I don’t feel as if I ‘have the chance’ to take many but I’m going to work on taking more.

Look out for: a few more recipes, Lush reviews and some as-yet unseen outfits!

Does anyone else have some ‘Monday Resolutions’?



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