I’m such a lazy person

Okay, I’m not really because seriously Tuesday and last night were super busy, we had to visit granny and collect French exchange student and go to Tescos too I mean really.

BUT today is the day of the roasted chickpeas! I LOVE them and I’m hoping that our French exchange student will too, I’ll put some in her lunch box and see (: To me, they taste so like chicken that I don’t really want to do anything with them other than salt them vigorously mmmmmm salt and eat them still hot!

I’ve soaked them over night, and they’ve started spilling out of the bowl so I think they might be ready…


Now I’m just putting them on to boil, they have to start off in cold water which you then bring to the boil and then simmer for fifteen minutes (I can’t wait that long……)


I cannot take a good picture of a still object….

Now they are boiling! It feels like forever waiting for them to cook


fifteen minutes of this and I’ll be done!

After which I am putting them, still wet and covered in salt, into the oven as when they stay wet the salt sticks to them and it’s rather lovely!


ready to meet their doom..mwahahahaa

after a while in the oven ( I have no idea how long) they will be ready for me to eat them. My favourite part!

Agh Patricia Update!

for the last few days I have been looking with unease at Patty’s ‘baby leaves’. They went yellow, then yellow and brown, then yellow and brown and shrivelly.


I was a little worried. BUT I think that they will have to go the way of human baby teeth and fall off in their own time *sob*


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