As much as I don’t like to lead in with a huge statement like ‘BIG NEWS’ all in capital letters, sometimes it’s inevitable. ‘Good News’ wouldn’t get the point about how brilliant the news was, even ‘Great News’  probably wouldn’t convey the hugeness. But I digress.

Yesterday as I was making my way to Lush, Exeter, to get some FUN I realised I hadn’t had a call from them about working there. I was vaguely disappointed. I went into the shop and saw someone who’d been at the recruitment evening with me and I got on well with working there. I, again, was vaguely disappointed that I’d not been called.

BUT. I spoke to Cat, who asked if I’d had their message. I was shocked, as I hadn’t. She told me to speak to Nick who said that they REALLY LIKED ME and they wanted to give me a TRIAL SHIFT. ME. A TRIAL SHIFT. NEXT WEEK. Oh the excitement, I genuinely thought I was going to cry! I’m going to be doing a trial shift on the day of the Christmas range launch, so I’m sure I’ll have opportunity to show how much I want this! This exciting news out of the way, I must get down to the order of business.

I’m going to be reviewing Lush FUN in Pink and Yellow after I’ve had a chance to use them but honestly I am sure they are going to go down very well. Anything you can mould into the shape of a kitty and then wash with is A-OKAY by me. I’m sure I know what I’ll be getting all of the children I babysit for Christmas, I can see a lot of fun being had with these! 

I’ve found my perfect perfume in 25:43. I tried it in store and it lasted pretty much all day, (which is very good considering it was only one ‘squirt’ for both wrists!) so it’s clearly got winning potential but the best thing was the scent. My goodness it was just perfect, it was warm and spicy still very fresh and not at all ‘musky’ (beurk) so I was naturally smelling myself all day and (in my head) people were very obviously wondering who they fabulous woman with blue hair who smelled delicious was. pah.

I meant to write a post last night but we ended up having Doctor Who night at my house so I had to throw together a meal for ‘eight people-possibly-more’ at the last minute so there was a frozen pizza for starters, simple spaghetti for mains and a gooey chocolate cake for dessert. It went down very well, as the empty plates but not ‘thank yous’ said! Humph, next time I spend ages frantically preparing a meal I’ll make them run around in the kitchen with hot pans for a while first so they appreciate the work that goes into cooking their damn food.

I’m going to make it my new rule with *ehem* males that if Astro doesn’t like them or if they are mean to him, they are O-U-T out. It sounds a little odd but he’s a much better judge of character than I am so if he bites someone or if they push him away (which is just rude anyway.) it isn’t going to work. sorry lads. 


if you’re getting this look, you’re either pointing a camera at my dog or you will soon not be in my house anymore.

I’m going to outline my ‘Monday resolutions’ today because, you know, extra time! So, this week I intend to:

  • To get stuff that’s bothering me sorted out. I started doing an explanation for this but realised it was almost the same as the one below.
  • Not to lie. I sometimes feel as if when something makes me uncomfortable I’d rather just put it off or dismiss it as not being important, but from now on if someone asks me a question I am going to answer it completely truthfully.
  • Tell my therapist everything, not just what I think she needs to know. It’s her job to listen and I can’t expect to get the full benefits of this if I don’t tell her everything that bothers me!
  • Let Astro sit on my lap whenever I work at the table. He’s warm, snuggly and he licks my arm when I do a good job. better than a boyfriend any day!


I hope that’s enough to make up for the last few days of French-exchange student related absence, I’ll be back tomorrow with normality as my lovely French exchange student leaves tomorrow morning



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