MORE news

ACK yesterday I stood for School Council rep and today Mr Thomas (that man is so lovely) told me I’d got the most votes and will be the school council rep! Hooray! 

On top of this and getting a Lush Trial shift several seeds from the squashes we had last week have sprouted, so Patricia will be joined by some baby brothers and sisters soon. I just hope there isn’t any sibling rivalry…

Today, to celebrate I made chocolate cake with Wasabi fudge sauce. How do you make this sauce I hear you ask? Well…

  1. Melt some dark chocolate
  2. Mix in some Wasabi paste
  3. Pour in some condensed milk (the secret to the fudgeyness)
  4. Add double cream until desired consistency is reached
  5. Spread liberally over cake

I add pictures in an edit of this post later as it’s getting late ad my back is aching from all the celebratory ‘Raise the roof’ s I’ve been throwin! 


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