Winter proof your skin!

sorry for not posting for so long, I’m fairly sure I’m going slightly mad from the amount of school, house, craft and Etsy work I have to catch up on as well as my twelve hours a week at Lush AND having had a ‘film night’ (not a lot of film was watched ): )  last night at the request  insistence of my therapist as part of my course of therapy. I think the idea was that when I feel down I don’t want to do anything, so if I do something and it’s enjoyable then I’ll feel better and change the downward spiral to an upward spiral but the whole thing doesn’t really work if you spend the evening cooking, tidying and washing up and are completely out of your comfort zone because of the amount of people and the presence of alcohol so that you definitely don’t want to spend any more time with people at all for a while. At least we know what not to try again. The good news is I’m hoping to have a whole bunch of bows ready to sell at my school’s Christmas fayre thing ( aptly named ‘A Taste of Christmas’) where I’ll be sharing a stall with a lady I work with at the restaurant selling cards. We’re going to make a cracking team! 

Whilst I’m very happy about the changes in the weather meaning I can bundle up in layers and cuddl- oh wait no… *sigh*. But I digress, I’m happy about the weather but my skin is starting to feel drier, my nose sorer and my lips….chappeder? Lush has the answer! 

every year Lush brings out a Christmas cleanser (or two), which is a great idea as your skin does need a little extra moisture during the colder, dryer months and having a Christmastime cleanser is a great way to remind us! Buche De Noel is a popular one, containing ground almonds and cranberries it’s a very festive affair!



(photo from Lush wiki credit (Photo courtesy of Sarah) )

This year I am loving the scrummy Let the Good Times Roll cleanser. It features the brand new salted popcorn scent (I will be stocking up on this one, it’s just too yummy) used in the Popcorn lipscrub and has lots of little bits of very fine exfoliant that really brighten the complexion and smooth out the skin. I’ve had a little sample pot of this after my facial training and it’s made my skin feel amazing!


So, first step to winter proofing your skin is to use a slightly less harsh and more moisturising cleanser

the second step is to use a slightly more moisturising moisturiser (moisture doesn’t sound like a word anymore I’ve said it so many times) which for me means switching from Vanishing Cream to Enzymion and using some Full of Grace serum bar at night, or before I put on a face mask to give my skin the extra moisture. For my body, I will switch from using just Buffy to using Buffy AND a massage bar after the shower. It’s really important to keep up the moisture levels of your skin because it’s so easy to forget and then only remember when you start to notice horrible dry patches! I know I do so all the time, so adding an extra step to your winter routine isn’t too much to keep you feeling silky, smooth and supple (:



(photo from Lush wiki (Photo courtesy of Nyssa at the Lush Lenox store in Atlanta Georgia) )

the third step (which is more something to remember) is to be careful what temperature water you use. Having really hot showers is really drying for your skin (as well as slightly damaging if you scald yourself) and hair, and the same goes for baths and washing up water. the hotter the water the dryer it’ll make your skin! 


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