Pumpkin brains, guts and butter


HALLOWEEN AAHHHHH my favourite! I bought a BIG pumpkin and have spent about a week planning what to carve…..hhmmm what is a fan of The Walking Dead going to choose?



notice the ‘stiches’ at the top where I had a moment of indecision and started on Frankenstein’s monster. Pah.

I was very careful to keep some guts to imply the Pumbie/ Zumpkin (I haven’t decided yet) had just had a good meal. I’m planning to add some more pumpkins with scared faces to make a scene with the Zumpkin/ Pumbie chasing them! HAH! I also cut out a little bone to add to the Pumbie/Zumpkin’s snack

and then with the pumpkin’s flesh, I made some pumpkin butter, but the recipe is to follow (:


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