Zombie nails: a Halloween DIY

Two Halloween posts in two days, and both about zombies? Some might call me a little obsessed.

When I decided what I was going to be for Halloween, one of the things I thought about was my nails. A zombie isn’t going to have lovely natural nails, now are they? I needed chipped, mud ‘n’ blood stained nails but blow me down if I was going to chip my REAL nails.

What does a sensible girl with a debit card do? Buy some fake ones on the internet.


First, I gave them a quick coat of peach manicure to make them look less like white pieces of plastic


Next came the mud: I used Barry M’s nail paint in ‘Mushroom’ (because I didn’t have ‘Freshly turned grave’)

I used a nearly dry brush to ‘spackle’ under the tip and on the nail, ‘cos zombies got some clawing to do


The blood came next and I used the same technique but without trying to cover the mud


at this point I realised that I’d painted the wrong side. Removed everything I’d done so far and re-did it. Bloody heck. Image the fuuuuuumeeesss eeeuuugghhh

I ‘distressed’ the ends with a nail clipper  to make it look as if I’d clawed some stuff and then I was finished!

So the finished nails, they look something like this!


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