Lovely things

I’m annoyed that in Britain we don’t have Thanksgiving. I think we need a specific day for thinking about the good in our lives, as all the other holidays are mainly centred around bringing joy to fellow man (or people making money) . Today was lovely, so here is a list of things I am thankful for today

  • I got a lift into Honiton with some friends
  • therefore my train fare to work was less
  • I was praised at work for doing well with gifts
  • I bought presents for the Lyme Regis care home staff and I think they’ll like them
  • I got my Christmas Box at work!
  • I found what I’m going to buy for my (frustratingly difficult to please when it comes to Lush) Philistine sister for Christmas!
  • Astro was pleased to see me when I got home (no surprise there really,  the Philistines are vile to him)

those are just some of the many things, thank you very much Universe!



  1. That’s so true, it would be awesome if we had a day for feeling thankful (rather than bloated and poor like Xmas!) but it was nice to read the things you’re thankful for today (also yay for staff Xmas box woo!) I was also working at lush today and felt a bit tired/run down which dragged my positivity away, but I met a very sweet little girl who described the smell of twilight bathbomb to me as ‘like candyfloss and clouds’ and it made me remember that actually I’m very thankful I have such a fun job. Happy Sunday 🙂

    • The Philistines have already been through the box telling me everything they like and don’t like, the terrors.
      Awh bless her! Asking children what they think of smells ranks pretty highly on my list of favourite things about working at Lush!
      Happy Sunday 🙂

  2. Hi Ceci, Just a quick line to say thanks for entering the sunglassses comp on Princess Pin Curls…but the link to your facebook comment doesn’t work…could you check it and resend, I’d hate you to miss out on a technicality!

    • Hello Princess! Thank you very much for letting me know, I’ve checked the link and had a look at my privacy settings, I think it’s because I’m under 18 Facebook only lets friends and friends of friends view my posts. I’ve sent you a friend request so that you’ll be able to see (:

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