The peregrine falcon

I’ve been slowly getting my mum into using Lush products, starting with It’s Raining Men shower gel (which she loves and now uses by the bucketful on her hair and then body) and moving onto foot treatments and Dream Cream. I’ve been slowly introducing her to new products, and now have built up a nice picture of things she likes to get her for Christmas and it was in this spirit that I went to talk to mum in the bath this evening. I’d meant to go and ask her how she felt when using and after having used cosmetic products, for my Extended Project Qualification but ended up asking showing her a whole routine everywhere with her new product…

Last weekend I bought mum a Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt, in the hope it would help her to relax and sleep better and also aid her dry skin.

Today I learned that not only has she been using it as a scrub on her legs, she’s been calling it ‘that peregrine falcon thing’.
I am a little disappointed.

As I was explaining how you’re meant to use Ceridwen’s Cauldron I told her that she should spit in the bath water to make the spell work, she interrupted to tell me that ‘The peregrine will poop on my windscreen if I don’t’
She then went on to tell me about a pied wagtail that had deliberately pooed all over the driver’s side of her windscreen and wondered how it knew that would be where she was sitting.
I told her, in the nicest possible way, that I thought she was a little bit senile.

She laughed (phew) so I asked her about how using cosmetic products made her feel
I was expecting an answer like ‘Happier in my skin’ or ‘More confident’
What she said was ‘Smug.’

….On my asking why she said the SWEETEST thing; ‘It makes me feel smug because I’m not paying loads of money for unnecessary chemicals, I’m not hurting the environment and I’m supporting you!’
I could have cried with joy



  1. Aw that’s lovely 🙂 my mum was a lushie long before me! Funnily enough ceridwens cauldron is one I her favourites – she ties it onto the bath taps with the red ribbon and let’s the water run through it x

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