The art of bathing

Those of you who know me outside (or beyond perhaps?) WordPress will have heard me talking about who much I dislike having baths. I’ve said that I don’t like them, I feel weird in them, they make me overheat and they make my skin wrinkly.

I’d like you to please ignore this. Last night I had a bath (the cocktail ingredients were posted here) and it was amazeballs, the water was deep bluey-purple with lovely silver glitter and some fluffy white bubbles. I’m not sure what to call it, any suggestions? It looked just like a lovely night sky (with my legs in it). Also I was surrounded by the smells of lavender and jasmine, which is always a plus!

Today was marginally worse than yesterday, so I’m going to check through my stash and make something sugary and cakey.

A Candy mountain bubble bar (mine’s from 2011- oops!)


So White ballistic (which I HATE on it’s own, but I don’t mind when I can mix it)


a Melting Snowman’s head- I picked off its eyes and nose because I don’t like melted chocolate in the water..not so yummy!


It’s Raining Men shower gel


and for continuity..Let the Good Times Roll!



This is the So White, making lots of pink swirls (nice) and apply smells (not nice)

This bath left my hands a little dry (fairly normal for me) but everywhere else soft, yum.

As this is already very much a Lush post I’d like to clear my name slightly (and make sure I don’t get anything yucky for my birthday or Christmas). I don’t love everything that Lush makes. I do like almost everything but not all and so I’ve compiled a list of Lush products I hate.

Lush products I don’t like

Each’s Peach and Two’s a pair Massage bar

Soft Coeur Massage bar

Rock Star Soap

Northern Lights soap

Anything Karma scented

Happy Hippy

Whoosh shower jelly

Squeaky Green shampoo

Red and Green Fun

Mint Julips

Blackberry Bomb ballistic

Tisty Tosty ballistic

Dragon’s Egg ballistic

It’s fairly safe to assume that if it’s a ballistic and it’s not one I’ve definitely said “I LOVE THIS” then I won’t like it. They’re like my marmites, but they can go either way depending on whether they’re a Butterball (mmmmmmm) or a Blackberry Bomb (nnnnnoooo.)


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