Lush American Cream…for your BATH?!?

What the LUSH? American Cream for your bath??!? Has Ceci gone completely crazy and started using hair conditioner as bubble bath or some such madness?!

No. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to…


Twinkle bath ballistic
(I do not own this image, it’s from the Lush uk website!)

Now this little chappy is pretty small in size, about the size of a Butterball, but that is made up for by the luuurvely scent. You may or may not know about my on/off (mostly off at the moment) love affair with American Cream conditioner. I love the stuff, I really do. I love the smell, consistency, smell..but it’s just not right for my hair. I still buy it, and I know it’s crazy but I can’t help myself. I’ve even been using it as a  body conditioner a la Ro’s Argan!

When along came Twinkle. How long I managed to survive without this in my life (and stash) I just don’t know.

With American Cream’s lovely scent but without the ‘I’m sorry, this just isn’t working out’ factor I think I may be in love.

I was going to chuck in an old Magic Mushroom bubble bar but couldn’t bear it in the end, I hate mixing colours with a passion, so I popped in some Hottie Massage bar! Next time I try this I’m going to layer and glitter myself up and use a piece of Shimmy Shimmy, maybe before going out AWESOME


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