Yes, I am back!

You may have seen my vegan cookie recipe (posted from an iPad whilst I was working as an au pair in France hence the strange autocorrect errors and completely unfinished recipe etc) that I’ve been eating almost whenever I have overripe fruit around the house which came completely out of the blue as I felt the need to share recipe inspiration from across the Channel, I’m hoping that I’m going to be feeling more like writing from now on- I’ll probably explain a little more about my situation in my next post as I’m confused by it myself if truth be told.

Coming up I’m planning to do a quick catch up post and an introduction to the Boyfriend, my carrot cake recipe, a quick review of all of the products I’ve used/bought/received in France ( the woman I was working for’s mother was an aesthetician, lucky me!), various iced drink ideas, book reviews (as otherwise I’ll probably just read the same three over and over again) and of course my Liebster award post! I’m so excited to have been nominated by The Oxford Owl whose blog I really do love and follow more religiously probably than any other!

I’m also excited to announce that I’m a lot more tech-savv suddenly and am able to use my phone as a working camera- at last!

Tldr; I’m back, baby!


One comment

  1. Yay! You are one of my favourite WordPress people, I’m glad you’re back! Excited for all the things – I like the sound of ‘an introduction to the Boyfriend’ 😛 Mine is very happy to help me out behind the scenes, but won’t be on the actual blog (there’s a picture of him in one of my reeeeeally early posts)… I also want to know how you ended up in France (and to pore over your French beauty stuff 😀 )
    Basically I am enormously nosy… Don’t mind me 😀

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