Why we should be very careful with the words “crying rape”



Yesterday we saw another powerful man found “not guilty” of rape. This was followed by a chorus of cheers, and a cacophony of commenters decrying the terrible women who had “cried rape” and “tried to cash in”. I have no comment to make about this particular case and that particular man, however, people must better understand the way our justice system works. Firstly, people do not have to prove their innocence in this country, it is for the prosecutors to prove guilt. Therefore, not guilty does not equate to innocent, it simply means that there were reasonable doubts in the mind of a jury about an accused’s guilt.

We must particularly bear this in mind whilst talking about rape. Rape is a very difficult crime to prove. Firstly, a woman may not go to the police straight away due to fear or shame. Secondly, even if they can take…

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