Pukka Harmonise tea review- an experiment (Case notes- day 1)

Today I bought some Pukka ‘Harmonise’ tea, mainly because I am a sucker for both herbal tea and pink packaging more than any desire to calm my rampant hormones. The Pukka website claims that ‘Harmonise tea is a unique blend of balancing herbs with fantastic regulating properties. Drink it throughout the month to help you find your perfect balance.’

I am going to put this to the test by drinking this stuff throughout the coming days and seeing if I can be transformed from pre-menstrual beast into a.. something else. 

courtesy of the Pukka website

Day 1- findings

I’ve had two cups of this so far, and I feel a little calmer than I did at work a few hours ago. Is this coincidental? Probably. Does this mean I will stop thrusting the box in my mother’s face and crying ‘BALANCING, for WOMEN!’? No.

The tea itself is kind of pink which made me quite happy and squealy for a little while- probably doesn’t count as one of the herbs’ rejuvenating effects though. I feel as if this is something that you should drink constantly to feel the full effects, perhaps set up an IV-drip of sorts, but I’ll make do with just boiling the kettle once a minute or so. 


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