Returning to blogging with a confession

Where did I come from, where did I go?

Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe?

Cheesy songs aside I have no idea. I really don’t know. I think, when last I shouted into the void from this address I was feeling the pressure to conform and be a certain ‘type’ of blogger (Y’know, mummy blogger, food blogger, beauty blogger, craft blogger, gamer blogger. One of those.), even if I wasn’t that ‘type’ of person, at least not all the time.

The truth is, and I’m letting you into a big secret here, I don’t think I am or ever could be just one type of person. I love crafts and making things, but I pick up and put down projects like embroidery or sewing as frequently as other people dye their hair. Which leads me to my next truth-bomb. I love beauty. I do. I want to be the type of person who knows how often they should push their cuticles back or what shade of hair dye would suit my skin tone (or even, what is my skin tone? I know I’m white but beyond that how can I tell???) but in truth I am not this person, and so although I enjoy using beauty products I do so without much idea of what I’m doing.

The one thing I do know about is food. I love food (who doesn’t), I love eating food, making food, watching others make food (Bake-Off more than Masterchef though), buying food and talking about food. The only thing is, all of my knowledge about food is based in nutrition and that bores even me.
And then, I don’t have any children, which puts me firmly away from the mummy blogger category. True, I am aspiring to be a midwife, I volunteer with the NCT, I look after children in the evenings, I am a huge fan of animated films and own more stuffies than I should as an adult- but I can’t intersperse any pinterest-perfect craft tutorials or recipes with sentences like ‘Little Aureliana just loves this gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, organic, non-gmo cake pop recipe- and she never guessed that the main ingredient is kale!!’ to attest to my skills as a home-maker.

The last category available to me would be blogging about gaming. Now, I play games. A lot. I’ve spent just under three hundred hours playing Skyrim alone, and that’s with only two characters. I have around 90 games between my Steam and Origin libraries, and several more in disk format on my shelves. But, and it’s a big but, I don’t feel connected to the overall gaming community on the internet. Yes, I follow a few channels on Youtube, but do I watch their videos or give a flying toss about what’s discussed therein? No.  I wasn’t anything more than a casual gamer before two years ago, and even now I don’t prioritise gaming over other activities. I don’t like online or competitive gaming, I don’t have much interest in old games that I never played as a child, and I don’t know enough about games to feel that I have a right to an opinion. If I did blog about gaming, you can bet it would just be to show what has happened most recently to my character in Skyrim, or share how crap I still am at Age of Mythology.

So what’s my point? My point is that I want to go on blogging. I still want to have an outlet for what little creativity I possess, and blogging about food is likely to encourage me to not rely on doritos and salsa for nutrition for so often (hey, they’re made of corn and salsa’s basically just all veggies), writing about gaming might encourage me to not see myself as an outsider who happens to also have an interest in gaming and spend a considerable amount of time engaging in it, writing about crafting will probably help encourage me to actually do some sometimes and, who knows, maybe maybe trial and error will lead to self-actualisation with makeup brushes. Stranger things have happened.

We’ll see, the road to an inactive blog is paved with good intentions.

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