Reasons why you should watch Jane the Virgin

Or, reasons why I love it… I can’t make you watch it, you do you.
Fresh from finishing watching the series, I am desperate to get others to share in the joy of this great show. Without further ado, a list of reasons to love Jane the Virgin. NB: The first two reasons are pretty much spoiler-free. The second two, not so much, but still nothing that RUINS any major plot surprises- read at your discretion.

  1. The slightly over the top Telenovela style.
    I’ve never seen any telenovelas, only their US versions (Ugly Betty, anyone??) but the bright colours, eccentric plot-lines, and the right number of dramatic moments coupled perfectly with the ongoing meta-nods to telenovela tropes through both Rogelio, and Jane’s imagination, make for a wonderfully offbeat narrative tool.
    Speaking of which…
  2. The colour scheme!
    I have never seen so much teal on one show, and let me get this said from the start- I. Love. Teal. Jane and Lina’s uniforms (the whole colour scheme of the hotel for that matter), Jane’s high school reunion dress, the pool, Michael’s apartment walls, the backdrops of Passions of Santos… I could go on. There’s just so much teal. Someone working on that show made a great decision that I wholly approve of.
    I guess I could mention some other colours, leading you on with a heading based on the colour scheme to trap you into reading a rant about teal seems a little rude of me. There was that one scene at the book reading with all the white chairs and all the ladies wearing perfectly complementing shades. That was super nice as well (could’ve done with more teal though).
    It reminds me of Pushing Daisies in this respect, and I love it.
  3. The Refreshing attitude to sex.
    I really enjoyed seeing Jane portrayed as a virgin, not because I’m an advocate for abstinence-only sex-education, or waiting until after marriage, or the idea of virginity as a better state than that of.. non-virginity (what’s the word for that, do we have a word for that?)- I just really clicked with the portrayals of Jane’s healthy, adult, committed, romantic relationships without sex. I’m going to take it one step further and say that it seems like the writers were trying to portray sex as a negative in other relationships. Xo and Rogelio? They got together based on lust and the fact that they had a child together. Putting aside the fact that this seems like a parallel for Jane’s relationship with Rafael, it seems as if we’re meant to think that it didn’t matter that they clicked *physically* because they didn’t have a deep emotional connection that they needed to make their relationship work in the long term.
  4. The music.
    I mean, we all know I’m talking about Rogelio’s alarm tone here. Need I say more?

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