Unicorn Princess ( or how to style my new swag)

 Today was a very big day for me. Huge. Enormous.

Today, I won my first Facebook competition (or…first competition ever, but whatever, let’s pretend I’m more naturally lucky than I am).

So, let’s dish the goss. Punky Pins create the most fun and unique jewellery I’ve ever seen and I am of course an avid follower of their Facebook page, always on the lookout for a giveaway and today I finally, at long last won one! The giveaway involved simply commenting on a picture of Punky Pins’ new enamel pins to say which one you’d like (I added why as well, because I’m nothing if not an aspiring overachiever)- to which my answer was obviously something along the lines of ‘The unicorn, I wear too many pastels for anything else’

Without further ado, a picture of the gorgeous item and ideas on how I want to be wearing this cutie.

The pin itself can be bought here!

Punky Pins Unicorn enamel pin

Unicorn Princess

Image credit to: Punky Pins

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