Hell Bunny women plus size dress
£43 – angryyoungandpoor.com

Real leather jacket
£25 – rotita.com

Simply Be Hell Bunny Petticoat Skirt
£38 – simplybe.com

Edit: Somehow like a clot I totally missed out on actually writing anything about this, guess who’s tired this week….
I’ve been at college, had one day at work experience, embroidering a new super cute and exciting stitch, writing my personal statement, furiously reading two midwifery books at once, and baking cupcakes to sell(!!!!!!!!!!!) so all in all I think I have fair reason to have totally brain-farted here.
This outfit is preeeetty similar to one that I have and wear regularly, with the exceptions that 1. I don’t have this dress, but I DO have the Hell Bunny 50’s style circle skirt in a zombie pin-up print (hello awesome) which, when worn with a black top has a similar halloweeny impact to the above dress. Not that I don’t wear it all-year round.
and 2. I don’t wear leather (ew) so I substitute the jacket for a plain black Camaieu cardigan underneath my bomb-ass denim vest. All the patches have fallen off it but I love it, so there.

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