Have you missed me?

 Here, as promised, we have an introduction and re-introduction post! Introductions, between me and new followers who’ve joined during my hiatus and between you all and the boyfriend!  This is our first photo together as a couple and I’m happy to assure you all that we do not co-ordinate outfits intentionally, but we do try to wear pirate hats whenever possible (these ones are courtesy of the children’s play area at Aroma cafe). Also my face doesn’t always look like that I was just trying to say something. Honest.Image\

and re-introductions- Astro, followers. Followers, Astro.

This hound is, I can safely say, the single best thing in my life ever. He’s just perfect in every way and I love him despite the fact that he wears my t-shirts when I’m not looking and will throw up on me more times than seems neccesary.Image


I will offer an explanation for my absence but to be honest I’m not entirely sure why I stopped blogging myself. Since *three or four years ago- I don’t know how long it’s been anymore* I’ve been treated for depression, but things got quite a lot worse last summer (when I first started blogging) when events transpired meaning that I had to undergo therapy for PTSD which I’m still muddling through. At some point between them I started on ant-depressants which helped a lot with my mood but I still find my motivation/creativity/willingness to do anything with my time pretty low so I guess that I haven’t really been doing anything worth writing about. I didn’t want this to turn into a mental health blog as I’m pretty certain that once I started down that road I’d end up just using this as a venue for a 24/7 pity party. 

What do I have planned for the future of this space?

Well. I still have a huge stash of beauty products I’d love to tell you about (there’ve been some true hits and misses, as my beautifully silky hair will show), I’ve cut my dairy consumption down to one serving a day and I’m trying to cut down my processed sugar consumption too so I have some creative dairy free/low sugar recipes I’ve been relying on heavily lately as there is nothing that I crave more than cheese, or milkshakes, or creamy sauces….



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